Thursday, July 15, 2010

Superb Indian Currency Symbol

Certainly this is the day for India and all Indians as they get a New Rupee symbol, which puts them up on the International Front with a new Identity. I love the new design of the Currency of India.

The Guy from IIT whose design was chosen as the winning symbol of the Indian Currency Symbol Contest had brought cheers to a many Indian faces. Now the Indian Currency has a distinguish face and a symbol of its own.

Like the Euro, Dollar, Pound and Yen, the Indian Rupee too has a Symbol of its own and its called RA. Which is nothing but just how you pronounce the letter R in Hindi. The design is a mix of Devanagri and Roman character R.

The Indian Currency Symbol is the one which many indians will feel proud of. It is certainly one big day in the history of India. Cheers for all Indians and Cheers for the Indian Finance Ministry that took such a bold step to get our currency a symbol of its own.

We are now going to have our own identity on the global currency charts. Im desperately waiting to see the Symbol on the currency bills and on all financial documents, including bank statements.

I just love the idea of the new currency symbol and feel proud of my country again today. Thank you to the Indian Government and the Indian Finance Ministry for giving us an identity of our own. A Symbolic Day today for India.